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  • During the Age of Enlightenment, there were advancements in many fields. This era mostly focused on the achievements of the individuals.
-First, equality became widely spread through time. This was a major effect because still today the first line of the declaration of Independence says "all men are created equal." This line was taken from the enlightenment period in France during the 17th century.
-Second, music and entertainment became more affordable. Therefore, more of the middle class became interested in going to concerts. From this era the most popular is Mozart, who is still well known today. Some of our musical terms such as symphony were created during this time, and major performances became popular popular.
-Thirdly, the Age of Enlightenment also resulted in less prejudice thoughts, less racism, less religious segregation and less class division.
-Fourth, the political ideas of the people of France also changed greatly. Instead of an Absolute monarchy, the economy policy became lassiez faire in which government had little to no involvement with businesses. This effected European society because since the people were being ruled by an absolute monarch for such a long period of time, they didn't know how to work on their own
-Fifth, the people had to come together and overthrow the government to change the political system. The monarchy will not willingly give up their power, so the citizens must come together to reform.
-We chose these pictures because Mozart was a very popular musician during this time period and because the declaration of independence was influenced by the enlightenment period.
-mozartdeclaration of independence

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